WHYTE & Co. and Robert K. Whyte, Managing Partner, for EB-5, are Committed to Excellence.

The EB-5 Broker Dealer ™
The EB-5 market is constantly evolving, with changing demands for success, funding and getting projects completed. As an active participant in the EB-5 market, we are able to bring up-to-date information to our clients, ensuring accurate and effective EB-5 strategies, due diligence and closing of the capital raise. At Whyte & Co. we measure our performance by the quantifiable results of your project funding and capital raise with clear communications with your team, daily if needed to get results. Finally, as a true partner in the EB-5 process, we go the extra mile to provide support and protection for our projects and clients.

Whyte & Co. provides expert, in-depth, and objective project evaluation, providing clients real information and true resources to enable success of your projects within the SEC rules. We analyze every project in detail to valuate viability against compliance, competitive, and market position along with market acceptance. We provide expert guidance on the funding process that leads to a closing activity for your project. Our clients have a full understanding of project timeline, milestones and any possible risks. Plus, we keep your project compliant with SEC/FINRA regulations.

Ensure the liability of your EB-5 project is covered and overseen by a professional FINRA member broker dealer with twenty-five years of real deal experience and a successful closing record.

We go the extra mile to provide support and protection for our projects and clients.

Due-Diligence and Compliance = Transparency

WHYTE & Co. conducts expert, objective, and comprehensive due diligence on all projects to ensure that we bring the best-in-class projects to the EB-5 market that are compliant with SEC rules and FINRA regulations. Our experience and track record as investment bankers with over twenty-five years of experience, will instill confidence with your sales and marketing partners and with sales agencies. We have many contacts on a worldwide basis of potential EB-5 investors. Among a large array of analyses, our due diligence thoroughly evaluates the following risks: financial, operational, funding, sponsor, compliance, employment, market study and economic reports and with an understanding of the current and changing EB-5 market.

Advisory & Consulting

WHYTE & Co. provides expert in-depth objective evaluation of your project. We analyze in detail the viability, suitability, compliance and market positioning. Our professional team provides expert guidance, so our clients have a full understanding of project timeline, milestones and possible risks in the transaction process to a closing activity for your project. We also are active in helping to create new legislation for the industry.

Deal Structuring

WHYTE & Co. understand that EB-5 financing is a powerful funding tool to assist with one of many capital options. We fully analyze a project’s capital needs and resources to provide the best positioning for EB-5 capital plus work with your professional team to ensure your project has the greatest success. Additionally, along with a reliable network for capital partners, we understand the best structures with the most optimal capital uses for your capital stack with the usage of EB-5 financing with the rules of SEC compliance at all times.


WHYTE & Co. work closely with project clients to develop optimized marketing strategies for the China, South Korean, India, Brazilian, Canadian and Mexican market to name but a few. We also have connections throughout Europe, the Middle East and Russia. We speak four languages on our office. We develop detailed direction and a path to success with clear and measurable milestones for our clients. Through our relationships in Asia, North and South America and Europe, WHYTE & Co. stays on top of the latest thoughts, movements and ideas in the EB-5 capital markets. This knowledge we openly share with our clients and partners, allowing them to market their EB-5 projects effectively and quickly.

Bridge Financing

WHYTE & Co. understands that the timing and certainty of EB-5 financing is often a challenge for our project clients. For qualifying projects, we can help arrange bridge and contingency financing to ensure that our clients enjoy clear visibility on the timing and amount of funding to get projects going. Our relationships with our lender partners, family offices and high net worth investors allow WHYTE & Co. to offer the most competitive rates in bridge and contingency financing, providing a one-stop solution for our clients.

Whyte & Co is Involved…

Our lead EB-5 Managing Director, Robert K. Whyte, is also a former Director of an Asian bank based in Los Angeles and would gladly make the right introductions or to others as needed to get the project bridge funded. Our contacts include investors from across the USA to help get projects funding and going.


Whyte & Co. is an Advisor Associate of LightPath Capital, Inc.
Member FINRA and SIPC